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Welcome to the Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc website.

Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc play monthly tournaments at clubs from the Brisbane River north to Bribie Island and Glasshouse. However, we also play at other Clubs such as Gatton and some Brisbane Southside Clubs on request.

We welcome new members to Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc and you do not have to be playing your bowls on the Northside of Brisbane. We currently have members from such Clubs outside of the Northside as Gatton, Laidley, Wynnum and Manly.

Membership is only $20 per annum and this allows for you to be covered by our Insurance Policy whilst you are playing in our events. Members are also eligible to play in our Club Championship Singles and Pairs and our Annual Medals for Players of the Year. Players are eligible to win one of three random draw Fuel Cards at our Monthly events … so what are you waiting for? Get on board and have a great day out with Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc in 2020.

We have also had players play with us from Victoria, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Non members are welcome to attend our Tournaments, but preference will be given to those who are members of our Association if we are short of rinks.

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Latest News

What’s New on Website

We have added a new tab to the website for COMMUNITY GROUPS. This is where you will find local Community Groups that we are supporting. If you have a local Community Group you would like to add to the site, please let me know and we can add them.

We have a comprehensive list of upcoming events for both Arm Bowls and Non Arm Bowls events that appear on our website. We are adding to these every day, so have a look at Tournaments that you may like to attend and if you need to find a partner drop me an email and I will ask the BNABAi members if they are interested in playing.

Let us know if you are going as a team from BNABAi and we can advertise this on our website and newsletter to let people see what we are doing out there.

Go to Events and look at dropdowns.

Narangba Seafood Day

On Sunday 18th October BNABAi had a team play at the Narangba Seafood Day.

The team were Mick Doyle (Everton Park), Tony Watson (Kallangur), Judy Wyman (Caboolture Lakes) and Geoff Hankinson (Chermside).

We competed well, but all seemed to struggle with the green in the first game, but came back to lose by only 5 shots against a team from Caboolture Lakes. The second game was closer and we just went down at the end by 1 shot to Keith Pretsel’s Kallangur team.

There were a number of BNABAi players in other teams on the day. Keith Pretsel (Kallangur) and Tony Mason (Kallangur) were both there in other teams.

I also met a lady named Betty from Caboolture Lakes who congratulated us on the job we are doing with Arm Bowls. Betty is an Arm Bowler also.

Whilst we didn’t do well in the games, three out of the four of us won a raffle prize to take home. Judy won a nice basket of groceries, Geoff won a couple of bottles of wine and Mick took home a bottle of wine.

A big thanks to Narangba Bowls Club as the lunch was absolutely great with Prawns and Ham Salad.. Well done Narangba!

BNABAi Member Activity October

We have teams planning to attend events at other clubs throughout the months of October/November.

Tony Watson (Gatton) and Tony Watson (Kallangur) are planning to play in the Multidisability State Championships on Tuesday 27th October to Friday 30th October 2020.

Glenn Norton and Tony Watson are planning to attend the Red Hill Christmas in Spring Carnival on 7th and 8th November 2020.

It is great to see our members getting out and about and hopefully playing in their BNABAi uniforms. Don’t forget if you are attending Club Days or Events and you plan to wear your uniform, please send me photos and a write up on how you went for our website and Social Media. Also if you are planning to play in District or State Championships. We would love to promote what you are doing.

Aspley is the Next Event

The next event for the Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc is to be held at Aspley on Sunday 15th November 2020.
Nominations are now open, so get those nominations in as soon as possible.
Please note that in the event that we have an odd number of teams and need to play a triples game, the last six nominations received will make up that Triples game and in the event of an odd number of players nominated on the day, the last two to nominate may be asked to play one game each (fees will be adjusted accordingly), unless we have non members attending in which case they will have to play the single game, in order to accommodate a member.
Nominations to Tony 0408 766 992 or email

Pine Rivers Results

Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club was the venue for Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc on Monday 12th October 2020 and it was a great day.

We had a small field of 17 players from 10 Clubs competing. We had players from Kallangur, Manly, Chermside, Northern Suburbs, Ferny Grove, Gatton, Woodford, Pine Rivers, Sandgate and Narangba competing. There were clear winners this month, but all players competed well.

Shirley Hennessy (Kallangur) and Brian Armstrong (Kallangur) were the winners of our 2x4x2 Pairs Event with a 2 + 16 and Runners up were Tom Harris (Chermside) and Geoff Hankinson (Chermside) with 2 + 10. It was enjoyable to watch these games as we had an odd number and Keith Pretsel and myself had one game each.

Shirley Hennessy and Brian Armstrong (Kallangur) were the winners of our 3 Bowls Pairs with a 2 + 11 and Runners Up were Ken Nelson (Northern Suburbs) and Glenn Norton (Ferny Grove) with a 2 + 8. Good close set of games in this one.

Overall winners for the day were Shirley Hennessy and Brian Armstrong (Kallangur) with a 4 + 27 and Runners Up were Brian Mowat (Manly) and Frank Farrall (Manly) with a 4 + 10. Well played to everyone involved.

It was a great day even with the reduced field.

We held our AGM after the games.

I would like to thank Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club for their hospitality and the great sandwiches for morning tea.

See full results

Welcome to New Members

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome three new members this month Ken Nelson (Northern Suburbs), Archie and Shirley Wicks (Pine Rivers) to BNABAi.

Ken played at Pine Rivers and played well and Archie and Shirley have both played with us in the past and usually play a great game. We look forward to seeing them at our future events.


The BNABAi AGM for 2020 was held yesterday 12th October at Pine Rivers Bowls Club.

The new Committee for 2021 is as follows:

President: Tony Watson (Kallangur)
Vice President: Ross Knight (Gatton)
Secretary: Tony Watson (Kallangur)
Treasurer: Glenn Norton (Ferny Grove)
Games Director: (Ross Knight (Gatton)
Committee Members: Tony Watson (Gatton), Keith Pretsel (Kallangur), Dianne Keogh (Sandgate)

I think this is a good cross section of Clubs and I look forward to working with all of these Committee Members to take our great Association forward in 2021.

NSBC Newsletter

It was great to see a small article in the latest edition of Northern Suburbs Bowls Club Newsletter about joining the Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc.

If your club has a newsletter and would like to publish something similar, we would be very appreciative. Getting the word out is an ongoing task for all of us.

Northern Suburbs Newsletter – Page 10

Membership Discounts

It has been decided to do away with the Membership Cards as such, as there is a lot of admin involved to maintain them and we lack helpers in this area.

However, don’t forget to let our Sponsors know when purchasing from them that you are BNABAi members and receive some great discounts:

  • TravelScoot Queensland are offering Members a special offer of a Free Basket and Travel Kit with the purchase of your TravelScoot.
  • Wizard Popcorn and Ben is giving all of our members $1 off any bag of his delicious popcorn with no limits.
  • Freshly Squeezed Water Qld are offering a 10% Discount on Water Filters
  • Progressive Realty are offering a referral fee of $900 for yourself and a further $100 donation to BNABAi with every Settlement of Sale referred.

So get out and support our Sponsors!!

Nev Hoey Plays at Charleville

In late September 2020 one of our members in Nev Hoey (Donnybrook) travelled to Charleville and flew our BNABAi colours.

Nev performed well and came 2nd overall.

Nev said that it was a great tournament and that they were a great bunch of players at Charleville Club.

Great work Nev and good to see our members getting out and about in the country areas as well.

Gatton Triples Day

BNABAi had five of our members at Gatton Bowls Club on Monday 21st September for their Open Triples Monthly Tournament.

Ross Knight (Gatton), Tony Watson (Gatton), Tony Watson (Kallangur), Dudley Cone (Toowoomba City) and Lex Biddle (Woodford) all had a great day.

The winners for the day were our own Ross Knight (Gatton), Brenton Ketchell (arm bowler Gatton) and Susie Swift (Gatton). The rest of us gave it our best but were unsuccessful on the day.

Tony Watson (Kallangur), Dudley Cone (Toowoomba City) and Lex Biddle (Woodford) won our first game by 1 and went down by 4 in the second.

It was a great day and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to take a team out on the third Sundays of the month.

We also had some talks with Gatton President about taking a Bowlers v Non Arm Bowlers day to Gatton in 2021. Hopefully it all comes together.

Membership for 2021

The Committee met at Woodford on July 13th and we decided to extend all memberships until 1/12/20 due to lost games with Covid-19.

All New members who join between now and Christmas will have their memberships extended to 1/12/21, so it is a great time for new members. So if you know anyone who might be looking at joining us, let them know that their $20 membership will carry over until 1/12/21. They can download a Membership Form