Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc

Welcome to the Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc website.

Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc play monthly tournaments at clubs from the Brisbane River north to Bribie Island and Glasshouse. However, we also play at other Clubs such as Gatton and some Brisbane Southside Clubs on request.

We welcome new members to Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc and you do not have to be playing your bowls on the Northside of Brisbane. We currently have members from such Clubs outside of the Northside as Gatton, Laidley, Wynnum and Manly.

Membership is only $20 per annum and this allows for you to be covered by our Insurance Policy whilst you are playing in our events. Members are also eligible to play in our Club Championship Singles and Pairs and our Annual Medals for Players of the Year. Players are eligible to win one of three random draw Fuel Cards at our Monthly events … so what are you waiting for? Get on board and have a great day out with Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc in 2020.

We have also had players play with us from Victoria, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Non members are welcome to attend our Tournaments, but preference will be given to those who are members of our Association if we are short of rinks.

Latest News

Calendar Date Changes

Please add in Friday 27th March for a Arm Bowlers v Non Arm Bowlers event at Red Hill.

Please note some date changes for our Calendar as we confirm dates for 2020:

New dates are:

Sunday 23rd February 2020 – Enogerra BC

Monday 9th March 2020 – Bramble Bay BC

I look forward to seeing you all there.


March and September Tournaments at Samford.

The other game in February at Northern Suburbs has been cancelled also due to other club commitments.

Brisbane Southside News

Wellers Hill Bowls Club met with BNABAi President on Tuesday 21st January to form the interim Committee for Brisbane Southside Arm Bowlers Association.

The Interim Committee has been formed and they are now calling for all interested Southside Clubs and Players to get involved.

For further information contact Allan Salkow 0450 004 939 or email

Watch for news as this group gets started.

Welcome to New Members

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Allan Selkow (Wellers Hill) and Peter Stone (Pine Rivers) to Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the greens in future tournaments.

With the addition of these members we have now exceeded 55 Members. What a great start to 2020.

Kallangur Tournament Wrapup

Brisbane Northside Arm Bowls Association Inc opened our season on January 13th 2020 with some very close games.

Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club was our venue for Monday 13th January 2020 and it was a great day once again. We had 25 players from 10 Clubs competing. Great effort from all who attended!

Bill Baulch (Samford) and Geoff Inder (Samford) were the winners of our 2x4x2 Pairs Event with a 2 + 9 and Runners up were Stan Dunbar (Enogerra) and Diane Keogh (Sandgate) with 2 + 8. Tight competition yet again!!

Graham McNiven (Kallangur) and Trevor Waters (Kallangur) were the winners of our 3 Bowls Pairs with a 2 + 13 and Runers Up were Peter Stone (Pine Rivers) and Geoff Jordan (Kallangur) with a 2 + 12. Another closely fought battle.

Overall winners for the day were Graham McNiven and Trevor Waters (Kallangur) with a 4 + 18 and Runners Up were Audrey Ozane and Shirley Hennessy (Kallangur) with a 4 + 14. A bit of home ground advantage I think.

See Full Results

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Wizard Popcorn New Sponsor

Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc would like to welcome Ben from Wizard Popcorn to our Group for 2020.

Ben has kindly agreed to donate 1 bucket of his fantastic popcorn each month for our raffles.

In addition to this, Ben is offering all members of BNABAi a discount of $1 per bag of his delicious popcorn.

Thanks Ben.

If you have a need for a popcorn fix drop in and see Ben at West End Markets or Redcliffe Markets and don’t forget to tell him that you are from BNABAi. If you prefer you can ring through an order to have it ready in advance.

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Get behind our Sponsors as they are behind us!!

National Coordinators Arm Bowls

Ater discussions with BA have led to there actually being a governing body of the National Arm Bowls Championships in the State Co-Ordinators, I have done some research and discovered who they are.

I have now written to them to try gain a Fair and Equitable and Inclusive arrangement for selection of Arm Bowlers to compete in the State Team for Queensland.

If this is to be a truly National Competition, then surely it must be open to ALL Arm Bowlers in the State.

This is the email I have sent to the National Co-Ordinators

Letter from BNABAi

Bowls Australia Discussions

We have had some discussions, at last, with Bowls Australia pertaining to trying to get a Fair and Equitable process for Arm Bowls State and National Teams, however, I am not convinced we have moved forward much at all. The following is the emails in the lead up to Christmas for those interested.

We wrote to BA on 2 occasions, firstly September 2 2019

then on September 22 2019

BA Responded on December 20 2019

We responded to Neil Dalrymple on December 20 2019

Neil Dalrymple again responded on December 23 2019

We responded on December 23 2019

Neil Dalrymple again responded on December 24 2019

Our Response on December 26 2019

It is good that BA are finally taking the time to discuss this issue with us, however, they seem to be supporting a self-appointed, self interest group that hold themselves up to be the National Committee and State Co-Ordinators. I am not aware of any election process that put these people into these positions.