Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc

Welcome to the Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc website.

We are a group of predominantly Arm Bowlers who play regular tournaments across the Northside of Brisbane and some matches at other events.

Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc play monthly tournaments at clubs from the Brisbane River north to Bribie Island and Glasshouse. However, we also play at other Clubs such as Gatton and some Brisbane Southside Clubs on request.

We welcome new members to Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc and you do not have to be playing your bowls on the Northside of Brisbane. We currently have members from such Clubs outside of the Northside as Gatton, Laidley, Wynnum and Manly.

We have also had players play with us from Victoria, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Non members are welcome to attend our Tournaments, but preference will be given to those who are members of our Association if we are short of rinks.

Latest News

Welcome to New Members

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Audrey Ozane (Kallangur), Judy Wyman (Caboolture Lakes) and Brian Armstrong (Kallangur) to Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the greens in future tournaments.

With the addition of these members we have now exceeded 50 Members. What a great start to our inaugural year.

BNABAi Christmas Markets

Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc Giant Christmas Raffle as drawn on Sunday 8th December 2019 at Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club.


We would like to thank all of those who supported this raffle.


For a full list of winners pleases go to webpage.

Player of the Year Awards

Sunday 8th December 2019 saw the inaugural Players of the Year Awards and the winners were:

Gold Medal went to Peter Kanowski (Kallangur) (19 points)

Silver Medal went to Glenn Norton (Red Hill) (18.5 points)

Bronze Medal went to Tony Watson (Chermside) (18 points)

Wow what a close finish!!

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Kallangur Xmas Tournament

It was a great turnout for our Christmas breakup for our inaugural year of 2019.

Kallangur Memorial Bowls Club was our venue for Sunday 8th December and it was a great day once again. We had 26 players from 11 Clubs competing. We had players from Kallangur, Chermside, Pine Rivers, Samford, Caboolture Lakes, Red Hill, Bribie Island, Wynnum, Woodford, Sandgate and Northern Suburbs competing. Great effort from all who attended!

Gwen McVeigh (Kallangur) and Shirley Hennesy (Kallangur) were our winners for 2x4x2 with 2 + 9 and runners up were Graham McNiven (Kallangur) and Tony Mason (Kallangur) with a 2 + 8. It doesn’t get any tighter than that.

Glenn Norton (Red Hill) and Dennis Bowers (Bribie Island) were our winners of the 3 Bowl Pairs with a 2 + 16 and Runners up were Ken Giles (Pine Rivers and Judy Wyman (Caboolture Lakes) with a 2 + 12. Some great matches were played in this event also.

Overall winners for the day were Geoff Hankinson (Chermside) and Tom Harris (Chermside) with a 4 + 17 and Runners Up were Elizabeth Bristow (Pine Rivers) and Doug Bristow (Pine Rivers) with a 4 + 13. Again great bowls played throughout the day.

In addition to our usual format we also had 2 singles matches and the winners were Tony Watson (Chermside), Audrey Ozane (Kallangur) and Rita French (Wynnum) with a 2 + 10 and 2 + 1, over Keith Pretsel (Kallangur), Marko Kendes (Northern Suburbs) and Len Enright (Pine Rivers).

Well done to all who competed. The matchups just seem to be getting better all the time.

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Change to Event Calendar

The 2020 Calendar of Events is updated, so please go to Events and look up the calendar to see what is coming up.

I have changed the layout of the Calendar to list rather than use a Calendar, however, if you want to see it in Calendar form please click on the List area on the right and change to Month.

If you click on more detail you can access the actual flyer for the event if I have one.

I just think this format is more user friendly.

I hope this is useful.

MABA State Team

MABA released its Expression of Interest for Selection 2020 State Arm Bowls Squad. EOI.

MABA claimed that “All Squad members are required under BCiB Insurance criteria to be members of the Maroon Arm Bowlers Association.”

This is a false and mis-leading claim and we contacted BCiB Insurance in order to confirm this. Kelvin Kerkow advised that we hold the exact same policy that MABA do and that this information was in fact mis-leading. Kelvin Kerkow response.

We again wrote to MABA Committee firstly asking for a retration of this statement and again offering an invitation to sit down and discuss the future of Arm Bowls for 2020. Our Letter.

We have not had a response at this time.