About BNABAi


The purpose of the Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc is to organise tournaments for the Arm Bowlers on the Northside of Brisbane and from other areas that may have an interest in playing Arm Bowls. Also to provide an outlet to allow people to retrain or re-enter Lawn Bowls after no longer being able to bowl without the use of a Bowling Arm.

BNABAi Tournaments are played each month at various Bowls Clubs on the Northside of Brisbane. We also hold other Days at various clubs from outside of the Northside of Brisbane.


The Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association Inc, which covers the north side of Brisbane from the Northside of the Brisbane River to the Glasshouse Mountains Club and Bribie Island in the North was officially formed in April 2019 and has now become an Association Inc.

We have attracted some 50+ Financial Members and 80+ Casual Arm Bowlers. Our annual nomination fee is only $20 per player and we are open to players from anywhere to compete in our organised competitions. Arm Bowlers do not have to reside on the Brisbane Northside to become members of BNABAi.

There are some 40+ Bowls Clubs on the Northside of Brisbane and most of these are interested in participating in our Tournaments in the future. However, our Arm Bowlers are not restricted to the Northside of Brisbane and in fact some Clubs from the Southside of Brisbane, Laidley, Gatton and Sunshine Coast have already expressed interest in getting involved with BNABAi.

We have a regular newsletter that is keeping those who have emails and each of these Clubs informed of what is happening in BNABAi and giving all bowlers who have registered their email addresses with BNABAi, the opportunity to have information about what is happening in Arm Bowls in general within Brisbane Northside Arm Bowlers Association.


This is a group that is inclusive of all members of the public who have a need to use a Bowling Arm in order to play the sport. Some people who are already involved in this sport are the elderly who can no longer bend down to deliver a lawn bowl, people with disabilities or chronic illness and anyone who has a medical reason to use the Bowling Arm. However, as of May 1, 2019 Arm Bowlers were no longer required to supply a Medical Certificate or be Registered with any organisation in order to play (restrictions apply in accordance with the current BQ and BA Policies and may be updated from time to time).

We are passionate about Arm Bowling and see this as an Avenue for persons who are no longer able to participate in their chosen sport, as done naturally, but need to adapt by using a modification in order to continue to keep playing sport, or due to illness, accident or disability, which enables them to continue enjoying active participation.

We have some coaches who are assisting a number of interested people who would like to get started in Arm Bowls and members who are interested in improving their skills.

We also have 3 Club Bowling Arms for members to try if they would like to. We have an Equipment Register for these and you can borrow them for up to a month if you are a Financial Member of BNABAi.