2019 Archived Stories

These are stories that may be of importance in the future that we have decided to archive.

State Co-Ordinator Position

After a lengthy discussion on the phone with Denise McMillan of Bowls WA pertaining to the 2020 BA National Bowling Arms Championships event coming up in September, I was advised that different States are organised differently by self-appointed State Co-Ordinators.

It is interesting that Bowls WA and Bowls Tasmania both support Arm Bowlers for this National event, but our own Bowls Qld do not at this time.

I have written to David Johnson (Current Co-Ordinator Qld National Team), Peter Hutchinson (MABA who sends out correspondence), Cheryl Hutchinson (MABA President), Neil Dalrymple (BA) and Brett Wilkie (BQ) to gain answers as to the fair and inclusive process of selection of the State Co-Ordinator role.

Copy of Email Sent 26/1/20

I await their response/s.

National Coordinators Arm Bowls

After discussions with BA have led to there actually being a governing body of the National Arm Bowls Championships in the State Co-Ordinators, I have done some research and discovered who they are.

I have now written to them to try gain a Fair and Equitable and Inclusive arrangement for selection of Arm Bowlers to compete in the State Team for Queensland.

If this is to be a truly National Competition, then surely it must be open to ALL Arm Bowlers in the State.

This is the email I have sent to the National Co-Ordinators

Letter from BNABAi

Bowls Australia Discussions

We have had some discussions, at last, with Bowls Australia pertaining to trying to get a Fair and Equitable process for Arm Bowls State and National Teams, however, I am not convinced we have moved forward much at all. The following is the emails in the lead up to Christmas for those interested.

We wrote to BA on 2 occasions, firstly September 2 2019

then on September 22 2019

BA Responded on December 20 2019

We responded to Neil Dalrymple on December 20 2019

Neil Dalrymple again responded on December 23 2019

We responded on December 23 2019

Neil Dalrymple again responded on December 24 2019

Our Response on December 26 2019

It is good that BA are finally taking the time to discuss this issue with us, however, they seem to be supporting a self-appointed, self interest group that hold themselves up to be the National Committee and State Co-Ordinators. I am not aware of any election process that put these people into these positions.

MABA State Team

MABA released its Expression of Interest for Selection 2020 State Arm Bowls Squad. EOI.

MABA claimed that “All Squad members are required under BCiB Insurance criteria to be members of the Maroon Arm Bowlers Association.”

This is a false and mis-leading claim and we contacted BCiB Insurance in order to confirm this. Kelvin Kerkow advised that we hold the exact same policy that MABA do and that this information was in fact mis-leading. Kelvin Kerkow response.

We again wrote to MABA Committee firstly asking for a retration of this statement and again offering an invitation to sit down and discuss the future of Arm Bowls for 2020. Our Letter.

We have not had a response at this time.